Pop, R&B and jazz singer-musician, songwriter, multi-faceted artist, Daniela Simmons placed a brilliant 2nd in the Eurovision Song Contest which she won in Bergen, Norway with the song "Pas pour moi". A legendary and unique adventure that opened the doors of international showbiz to her, by her to the most beautiful stages in the world. Italian of origin, her family sees her as the actress, the one who always made people laugh with her imitations and skits she invented to entertain her audience. However, it is mostly music that runs through her veins. From an early age she improvised on famous tunes as her father played. Accompanying herself on the piano she later composed her first songs and instrumental pieces. She enrolled at the Music Conservatory in Lausanne, Switzerland to continue studying classical piano and graduated with honors. Quickly, the limelight attracted her, and Daniela Simmons adopted the dream world of showbiz. Her mother, a seamstress with a lot of love and patience, did not fail to indulge her daughter's extravagance in the choice of fashion. Instinctively, she felt she belonged to this magical universe of artists, leaving aside more and more the seriousness of the conservatory and that is how ...

2023 - Release of new single "COME PETALI", a duet with Emanuele Esposti. Promotion: @dogulumusic. YouTube

2022 - Concerts  and productions  in Switzerland and abroad with her group, rediscovering her much loved style:  jazz.
Duet avec Ebu Yeniyol «  For You » https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXQjpJKCWq8

2021 - A new life, a new production and a new video: Releasing her new single “Silly’s Not Allowed” for which she inspirationally composed the music to the wonderful lyrics written by James Healey.
Mixed and Mastered by Nick Kaufmann (USA) at Relief Studio, Belfaux, Switerland
Official release date of 19th May 2021 following an interview on the RTS “Le Grand Soir” http://www.rts.ch/

2020 – Recording and promoting the son “Mister Levo” written by Aycan Teztel dedicated to the famous Turkish musician Levent Altindag https://youtu.be/6gtvmdsIhHU
Daniela Simmons and Michael von der Heide appeared in the musical televised spectacle Hello Again, presented by Viola Tami on Sfr1 presenting their duet “Ce Soir” which rose rapidly to the top spots on iTunes charts. https://youtu.be/NROKJGcdy20
Release of the album “Litanie Royale”, featuring her “Ave Maria” that she had composed years before.
Her instrumental composition would bring a new relation and discovery in the complex universe of composition. https://youtu.be/j_2KK2vo53U

2019 – Collaborating with Michael von der Heide, they release the duet “Ce Soir” written by Doriand Chanteur, from his album “Rio Amden Amsterdam”. Daniela had previously written the lyrics to “Prière” for his album “30’”. This is the first time their voices are reunited in one song. Taking stage for a live Open-Air concert during the Fête des Vignerons in Vevey, Switzerland where the public’s enthusiasm was moving.

2018 – Release of her first Jazz album “Daniela Simmons, Jazzed with a Certain Note” propelling her and her band to the stages of Jazz Festivals and promotion throughout Switzerland. Having spent years in the Pop and Variety universe, she affirms another musical vocation not known to her public with the presentation of this album.
Figuring in this production is the original composition by Atilla Sereftug “A Certain Note” and cover songs readapted and revisited in jazz versions of the biggest hits going from Michael Jackson to Edith Piaf passing by Sting et Michel Legrand. A new version of the winning songs of the European Song Contest “Pas pour moi” and “Ne partez pas sans moi” signed by their composer, Atilla Sereftug
Grand Premier on stage of the Aventia Crooners concert at the Aula at the University of Fribourg with the symphonic orchestra under the direction of Alexandru Ianos, providing an immense success.

2017 – A year dedicated to the recording and production of Daniela’s Jazz album at Castle Life Studio of Gonzaque Ruffieux in Fribourg, Switzerland. This marked a new beginning in the musical style that Daniela had never produced.

2016 – Researching diverse musical productions, jazz or orchestrated concerts remaining continually active whether it be in Switzerland or elsewhere.

2015 – His Majesty King Bhumibol, king of Thailand invites the family to give concerts in his honor where he composed of the songs, then arranged and produced by Atilla Sereftug.
“Love in Spring” https://youtu.be/xpekKxoJExw

2014 – Release of the album Aventia Crooners, recorded with the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra in Prague. The project reprised movie soundtracks from the most celebrated movies of the past 40 years. The musical direction and arrangements are from Atilla Sereftug, who is also the producer, seeing the participation of Max Yendly as well. Voice, Drum, Bass, Guitar and Choral recording by Dom Torche, Relief Studio, Belfaux, Switzerland. Mixed at Relief Studio by Erik Zobler (USA). Mastered by Robert Hadley at Mastering Lab, Ojai, California.
At Daniela side were two marvelous singers, Aydin Kahya (baryton) and Ricardo Sanz (tenor). This fantastic trio interpreted these celebrated melodies in 4 languages. The sheer size of this enormous production opened the doors to spectacular European stages. A project for the Arenas in Avenches Switzerland is pending. An original composition by Atilla Sereftug figures on the album “Song For Jason”
Reprisal of the title “Once Upon A Time In The West” by Ennio Morricone again proves the originality and virtuosity of the new arrangement by Atilla Sereftug and the extraordinary presence of the young talents of Steffe la Cheffe, Marzel Beatboxmachine and Oliver Doogue makes of this a unique interpretation.

2013 – Collaboration with the renown musiciens: Patrick Perrier, Batu Salliel, Aycan Teztel, Tolga Bilgin, Francis Colletta, Raphael Pitteloud and Gonzague Ruffieux under the direction of Atilla Sereftug fro the future Jazz production which will soon figure in Daniela’s discography.

2012 – New productions and compositions “If You Believe” and “A Miracle of Love” interpreted by Maya Wirz, soprano.
A series of concerts for UBS with other Swiss singers and the orchestra Basel Synfonietta.

2011 – Jazz concerts throughout Switzerland and Europe. Daneila is asked to jury the final of the Eurovision Song Contest in Zurich.
Concerts with her band in Turkey, Italy, Spain, Germany, Belgium and Austria, forming the musical group with her son Can-Jason on the drums, a future Director and videographer.

2010 – Hallenstadion Zurich, Daniela shares the stage with the Swiss Army Concert Band before 10,000 spectators at the STV Gala “Gymnastic Mets the Music”, with the participation of Patick von Castelberg.
Alongside “Duke” Oliver Doogue (rapper) Daniela participates in the program Telebärn et Musicomax TSR1 to promote the single “Hard Days” followed by a media tour in Switzerland. She is next seen in “Couleurs locales” TRS1.
24 years later, Daniela reappears at the Swiss Finals of the Eurovision Song Contest as a guest in a duet with Duke and the Scheltics with “Waiting For Ya”. https://youtu.be/qzDRLLfF3kc

2009 – Between festivals and Galas, Daniela and her family are called for a “family home story” for the emission “Glanz und Gloria”.

2008 – Recording the single “Hard Days” with the rapper Duke and the Scheltics, Oliver Doogue. https://youtu.be/bpAQ_aFsA3c

2007 – Daniela composes an “Ave Maria” in a more intimate and sought-out musical style, finding the classical music steps of her youth. https://youtu.be/vUQVulGK5GU
Daniela participates in the televised emission “Sportler des Jahres”
Jazz Parade in Fribourg accompanied by BBCF
Christmas in Switzerland tour “Schwiizer Wiehnacht» with Frank Tender, Chue Lee, Ncolas Senn, Mélanie and Hansueli Oesch and Andy Lütolf.
Christmas Concert at the Temple of Payerne.
Montanuits Festival with her Jazz Orchestra.

2006 – Aventicum Musical Parade in the Arenas of Avenches, Daneila is invited to interpret “Cabaret” and Don’t Cry For Me Argentina” accompanied by 400 musicians where she had the pleasure and honor to wear the original stage costume, a magnificent dress made by Magde Schneider, mother of Romy Schneider.

2005 – Promotion and concerts for her new album “Daniela Simmons” in Switzerland and participation in several television programs: CONGRATULATIONS – 50 years of Eurovision Song Contest presented by Sandra Studer and with the participation of Nella Martinetti.

2004 – Daniela releases her new French album bearing her name. A production signed by Atilla Sereftug and distributed by Universal. Recorded at Castle Life Studio in Fribourg by Gonzague Ruffieux. Concerts and promotional tour for the most part in Switzerland.
Daniela participates in the program Swiss Sport Awards transmitted on the 3 national channels with her interpretations of “One Moment in Time” alongside three other Swiss singers: Steve Lee, Mario Pacchioli and Patrick Von Castelberg. https://youtu.be/WKzxv3fTyg8
Her French album gains renown with the titles “Éternité” and “Tu me manques” rising quickly on the charts and celebrated on the radio https://youtu.be/rkO5p4mgcCI  as well as her reprisals of “Mamy Blue” and “Et maintenant”.
Gaya Bécaud, son of composer Gilbert Bécaud warmly solicitated Daniela’s version of his fathers song qualifying the productions as the best cover version of “Et Maintenant”, her version becoming the generic to his father’s official site for several weeks.

2003 – Closely working in collaboration with the celebrated Juliane Werding, Daniela composed the music to “When Die Sonne Trauerträgt”, song interpretated by Géralding Olivier on her album “Gefühle”
A sad year for Daniela, her mother and best friend forever left us at the tender age of 67. Daniela dedicated her song “Tu seras toujours là” from her French album to her mother. 

2002 – Church concerts, Daniela is empassioned by gospel and jazz; she participates for the first tim at Umbria Jazz in Perugia, Italy, her birthplace.

2001 – Productions for young artists in collaboration with her husband Atilla Sereftug in their recording studio and with the participation of Castle Life Studio, Fribourg.
Various concerts and starting production of her new French album.

2000 – Grand Millennium Concert in Mexico. Marking the passage of the millennium, Daniela interprets the Ave Maria from Schubert amongst others.
Back in Europe she reprises “Vorrei” as a duo with the young Turkish tenor Erkan Aki for his album produced by Nigel Wright (Daniela’s former producer) and signs with Sony Music International for this title.

1999 – Daniela teaches singing at the Montreux Jazz School.
Tours throughout Switzerland with her orchestra or as a duo with her husband Atilla Sereftug.

1998 – Release of the Italian album “Un’altra donna” for which she is the author and composer for the most part. Produced by Atilla Sereftug and recorded at Castle Life Studio, Fribourg.
She signs with the label Musikvertrieb.
Release of her single “Vorrei” sung in duo with the famous Mexican tenor Francisco Araiza.
Grand promotion and concerts throughout Switzerland and another participation at “Art On Ice” in Zurich.

1997 – Daniela participates for the first time in the show Art On Ice in Zurich alongside Sahra Brightmann and Denise Biellmann in a magnificent décor where 9000 spectators took their places during 3 days.

1996 – Wembley Stadium – European Football Championship EM. Sharing the stage with Simply Red, Daniela sings the Swiss National Anthem in 4 languages before 86,000 spectators for the opening ceremony, accompanied live by the Royal Brass Band of 204 musicians.

1995 – Year of concert tours and new productions.

1994 – Daniela participates in the Jazz Festival of Fribourg with the musician and orchestra of May Yendly.

1993 – Empire State Building, New York, a concert for Unicef. 23 countries and all their political representatives are present. Daniela Simmons and Atilla Sereftug give a spectacular concert, writing a song concerning the event. Other Artists are present, such as Harry Belafonte and Tina Turner.
The couple takes up residence in a charming little city in the Broye region of Swiss Romandie.

 1992 – Daniela marries Atilla Sereftug, composer of the song “Ne partez pas sans moi » sung by Céline Dion who won the 1988 first prize of the Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin, and the birth of their son Can-Jason.
Daniela discovers an enormous joy becoming a mother, deciding to leave a part of her career behind to dedicate herself to family life. Later, she wrote a son for her son which is part of her unique Italian production.

 1991 – Participating in the Francofolies in Montréal (francophone song festival) Daniela sings “I Don’t Know” alongside Patricia Kaas, Claude Maurane, Véronique Sanson, Maxime Leforestier, Jacques Higelin, François Silvant, Noir Désir

1990 - Daniela Simmons films with Moldova Film Productions in Germany, filming in Prague for the year a television series called "Detektiv Klapp", alongside the famous actor Otto Simanek (famous character from Panthau)
Concert at the Olympia in Paris alongside Richard Claydermann

1989 – Release of the single “Found You Out” from the album “Shout Back” https://youtu.be/vRnDbajvd00
Promotional concerts throughout Switzerland

1988 - Grand tour in Australia to promote her album. In Brisbane, Daniela Simmons represents Switzerland for the bicentenary of the country. Her musical journey continues to Sidney, Melbourne, and Canberra, presenting her album "Shout Back".

1987 – Release of her first album in English “Shout Back” produced by Nigel Wright (producer of Madonna, Shakatak, Mirage, Al Jarreau, etc.). Produced in London with the help of Polygram International. Daniela changes her musical style, opens her doors to rock and funk and embarks on a major European tour with her Band and a composed choreography. All the media picked up on her and she became Switzerland's most popular international singer of the late 1980s. https://youtu.be/aahfG_rVjP8

1986 – Eurovision Song Contest, Daniela Simmons won a brilliant 2nd place in Bergen, Norway with the song “Pas pour moi” musical composition by Atilla Sereftug and lyrics by Nella Martinetti. Switzerland had not placed so well in 32 years and Daniela defended the Swiss colors with great pride for the country. Great springboard for her career and opens the doors of international showbiz.
Signs with the Polygram International record company. The song toured Europe, was translated into 5 languages ​​and distributed in 20 countries, including Canada, Australia and South America. A grand promotional tour of concerts, televisions programs being the start of a great adventure. https://youtu.be/k1oq0Ch-Zq4
TV shows follow in each country where Daniela performs the song that by now has entered the hearts of many fans!
DRS TV-show Musicland, Daniela Simmons performs the duet “Close to me” with Louis Crelier. https://youtu.be/C7GjJN28uGw

1985 – Often in London Daniela collaborates with David Knopfler (brother of Mark Knopfler of the Dire Straits) on new production ideas. She tours as well with Enrico Ruggieri, Mariella Nava, Fiorella Mannoia, Lucio Dalla, Morandi, Toto Cutugno and many other artists.
Release of her 45 “Repars à zero” to which she is author and composer and with which she participates again for the Eurovision Song Contest. https://youtu.be/B2Ea0sLZgUY
Daniela finds herself in Paris where she meets Eddy Barclay and the producers of Veronique Sanson and Philippe Lahaye who take her under their wing for productions in France.

1984 - "Musik und Gäste" presented by Heidi Habel she performs her composition "Ailes", texts Alexandre Castel. https://youtu.be/VYObR9IlmeM
Unanimously won 1st prize in a television competition for young people organized by the French-speaking Swiss television "La grande Chance" with the song "Une autre vie" of which she is the composer. Adaption of "Ailes" with a new author: Simon Vermot. https://youtu.be/p7RhA_7bbpA
Guest of the musical show Studio4 on TSR, presented by Christian Moran, we see her alongside Daniel Balavoine, Gilbert Montagné, Pascal Reynaud and Claude Bolling in a four-piano improvisation. https://youtu.be/lNgKKtkNGBQ

1983 - First appearance on television, participating for the first time in the Eurovision Song Contest Switzerland with “Dis-moi tout” written by Alexandre Castel.
Very first 45 recorded in Milan with his compositions "Si'amour" and "Luci Piene"
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